We specialize in container export



We are a company that is dedicated to the sale of clothes and footwear of wholesale second hand (the minimum 50kg),
The clothes that we work are current and branded, it is in good condition (like Zara, lee, Blanco, Tommy, Levis, Lefties, La coste … ext.) From Holland, Germany and Spain.

The clothing classification is as follows: quality extra cream, quality first, second and third quality,
The garments are separated:

– Summer clothes scrambled (dresses, shirts, pants, blouses, skirts …. etc).
-Bags, jackets and jackets.
-Jerseys, period.
– Winter clothes scrambled (dresses, sweater, pants, blouses, jackets, coats …. etc).

-Bags, jackets and jackets.
-Type and Polo

Boys and girls:
– Mixed summer clothes from 0 to 14 years.
– Mixed winter clothes from 0 to 14 years.
Bales (bullets) prepared of 50kg (measures 80cm + 40cm + 40cm) and 160kg (measures 160cm + 120cm + 60cm).
Each kilo enters four winter clothes and seven summer clothes approximately …

We have all kinds of clothing (summer and winter), various brands (zara, white, levis, bsk, tommy hilfiger …), we sell with invoice and certificate of disinfection.

We are a leading company in Spain, we have more than 500 customers, national level (for shops, stores, street vendors, markets …) and internationally (export by container for: Africa, Latin America, Russia, Romania, India … etc)

Visit our!! We are in Calle Geranio, 10 Humanes de Madrid. CP: 28970
The schedule: from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00
And also we send the clothes to all Spain, the form of payment
-Effective in our warehouse
-Wire transfer.
By export, our company has no transportation charge, so the customer has to look for the transpote, and we can help
Find the best transport agency international level …

Calle Geranio, 10
Humanes de Madrid
C.P: 28970
Tel: 0034673413775 (We also serve WhatsApp.)